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Common Roofing Questions

In this section, we’ll go over some of the most common roofing questions we receive from our Portland-area clients. Whether installing an entirely new roofing system or conducting seasonal roof repair and maintenance on your home or business, we are committed to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

A new roof is usually a once or twice in a lifetime purchase. It is also a considerable home improvement investment and therefore needs to be well maintained and taken care of in order to ensure a long and useful life.

At Bridgetown Roofing, one of our main goals is to educate homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest on everything they need to know about when it comes to home and business roof repair, maintenance, and roof replacement.

For that reason, we have prepared the following list of common roofing questions we typically receive from area customers. If you don’t see a question that you have listed below, contact our experts at (503) 744-5971.

Top 10 Common Roofing Questions

How do I know it’s time to replace my roof?

Several key indications of roof replacement are: Buckling and curling shingles, algae or moss growth, leaking, loose and missing shingles, mold in your attic, rafter beams and underside of your roof. The age of your roof will also be an important factor.

Why shouldn’t I do the repairs myself?

Roof work is complicated and a lot of underlying problems can exist. If you want the job done correctly, you will want to work with a professional roofer. Quick-fixes and cheap patch work can lead to severe damage and end up costing you more in the long run.

Why do I need a roof inspection?

Often overlooked or sidestepped, roof inspections are a required step in maintaining the health of your roofing system. They are a preventative form of maintenance and a cost-effective alternative to costly emergency repair work or replacement. Consider having them at least once per year.

How long should my new roof system last?

The lifespan of your roof will depend on the quality of its maintenance and care. Different materials have different lifespans. Asphalt shingle roofs will typically last 20 years, while metal roofing options can last between 30 to 50 years, slate and ceramic can last a 100 years or more.

How much will a new roof system cost?

The cost will vary depending on several factors, including the overall size of your roof; the more square footage, the higher the cost of labor and materials will be. Pertrutions and other obstacles can also affect cost. Fill out our Free Estimate form or contact us at (971) 323 1771 for a precise quote.

How do I pick the right roofing system?

There are several different factors to take into account when choosing the right system. These can include regional or local weather conditions, the design of your building or home, your budget or financing options, and the aesthetic and quality of the materials you’d like to use.

Will I need to replace gutters when re-roofing?

This will depend on the shape of your gutter system. If your gutters and downspouts are in good shape, we will use gutter guards and work around them without having to remove or reinstall them. We also offer gutter repair and replacement when needed.

What roofing materials last the longest?

Amongst the longest lasting roofing materials are concrete, clay or slate tiles. These materials significantly outperform other natural products like wood or cedar shakes, or other manufactured roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and metal roofing.

How long can new roof installation take?

A few things that need to be considered are weather, the type of replacement or build, the material being used and more. However, a typical installation, from removal of the old roof and clean up, can be done between three to four days. Larger projects may vary.

My new roof is leaking, what should I do?

Most manufacturer warranties are now lifetime and can be transferred to a new homeowner if your property is sold. When it comes to workmanship, our contractors will repair and replace any work that’s necessary as stated by the terms agreed upon in each contract.

Why Choose Bridgetown Roofing

When you contact us we will start with a quick consultation to discuss your project needs and answer any and all of the questions you may have. After that, we can schedule a date and time for a thorough inspection and measurements of your roof, as well as provide you with a detailed, commitment-free estimate of your new roofing system.

At Bridgetown Roofing we believe in doing things right from the beginning. We use long-lasting, quality products and materials. We stick by our work and offer industry-leading workmanship and product warranties you can rely on.

For answers to all of your questions about roof repair, maintenance, and restoration, Contact us today or call us at (503) 744-5971.

Common Roofing Questions

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