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Roof Replacement in Portland

Bridgetown Roofing specializes in roof replacement in Portland, OR. And, when it comes to home improvement, the roofing system in most homes is often taken for granted.

Portland-area homeowners too often postpone roof replacement due to the high cost involved, not knowing the importance and long-term repercussions this can have on their most important asset, their home.

When it comes to our area’s annual rainfall, humidity is an important factor to consider. This is why a well-built and maintained roof is essential to the value and integrity of your Portland-area home.

The overall age of your roof is another important factor that needs to be taken into account when considering a roof upgrade or roof replacement in Portland. The entire process will require research, planning, and patience on your part.

When selecting a Portland roofing contractor for any roof-related project, you want to be sure you’re making an informed decision. And, nothing will bring you peace of mind like knowing that the roofing crew you’ve selected is a well-coordinated and licensed contractor.  

At Bridgetown Roofing we treat your roof replacement project as if it were our own. Our expertise and understanding of our location, weather, and available materials have made us a natural choice for many Portland-area homeowners.

We understand you have a lot of choices. If you’re considering a roof replacement or would simply like a second opinion on the current condition of your roof, give us a call at (855) 707 5914.

Roof Replacement Portland

The Roofing Process

Preparing the Property

Clear area around the home of vehicles, pets and all breakable items such as pottery and exterior decor. Allow access to the hauling trailer and follow proper safety precautions.

Roof Removal

Removal of existing shingles, valley flashing and drip edging. Tarps are used for protection and cleanup as well as magnetic tools for pick up and removal of nails and metal objects.

Decking Inspection

Decking can become soft or rotted due to moisture over the years. A thorough wood decking inspection is done after tear-off to ensure the roof is in good condition for replacement.

Damage Repair

Depending on the condition of the roof after tear-off, minor repairs or wood replacement and sheathing is done. Ensuring a clean canvas on which to begin the roof replacement process.

Flashing Installation

Metal flashing around chimneys and other roof protrusions is checked for proper installation and condition. Minor repairs and drip edge installation may be used during this stage.

Asphalt Paper

Rows of asphalt or felt roofing paper are laid out and overlapped over the roof sheathing, creating an inside barrier against water penetration. These layers are tacked or stapled into place.

Metal Drip Edging

A metal drip edge is nailed over the roofing paper and installed around the edge of the roof. Also called drip edge flashing or D-metal, it directs water away from the fascia and into the gutters.

Valley Flashing

The valley flashing is typically nailed to the roofing deck and sealed with roofing caulk. This protects the critical area where two slopes come together to form a valley on the roof.

Shingle Installation

Tab shingles are aligned and installed using galvanized (zinc coated) roofing nails. Installation is started at the eaves and working upwards toward the peak of the roof.

Cleanup and Inspection

Once the new roof has been installed, cleanup is conducted and a detailed inspection is performed to make sure there are no mistakes or flaws in the roofing material.

Common Roofing Choices

Asphalt Shingles

The most popular and common roof material for residential roofing today.

Wood Shakes

A very attractive and classic option, made from natural wood and cedar.

Metal Roofing

Made from steel or aluminum, has become one of the most popular methods.

Slate Roofing

A high-end and highly attractive option made from thin sheets of stone.

Composite Slate

Synthetic tiles made from recycled materials provide long lasting durability.

Clay or Ceramic Tile

The classic, Spanish-style curb appeal typically used in warmer climates.

Roof Replacement Portland Contractors

When it comes to quality roof replacement in Portland, look no further than Bridgetown Roofing to get the job done. Our technicians are trained specialists in a wide variety of commercial and residential products, offering over 40 years of combined professional experience in the Portland metropolitan area.

You can count on us to design an ideal roof replacement plan that fits your budget and home improvement needs. We’re proud of our reputation in both commercial and residential roofing throughout the Pacific Northwest, offering commitment-free quotes and quality customer service.

When looking for residential roof contractors in the Portland area, please call us at (855) 707 5914 or fill out our Free Estimate form.

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